The Eviction process begins with service of an eviction Notice.   The type of Notice will depend on how the tenant has defaulted on their rental agreement.  An Eviction notice can be a three (3) day notice to Pay Rent or Vacate, a three (3) day notice to quit for nuisance, or a twenty (20) Day notice to Terminate the Tenancy. For instance, if the tenant is behind in rent, the eviction process would start with a 3 day notice to pay rent or vacate.   

You can prepare the notice on their own.  You can also serve this notice on you own.  However, if you choose to prepare and serve the notice, it must be done correctly in order to move forward.  If you are unsure of which type of notice to use or the correct procedure, I recommend that I do this step for you. 

If our firm prepares a 3 day notice for rent, please be aware that this notice must be signed by the landlord. The Attorney can also put together a letter on the landlord's behalf, informing the tenant as to the commencement of eviction.  Our officewould then retain a process server to serve the notice and letter on the tenant.


$50.00 Attorney Fee + $75.00 Process Server (min) = $125.00


 An unlawful detainer begins with with service of an eviction notice on the tenant. The eviction notice must state a reason for the eviction. The grounds for an eviction include: 1. Default in payment of rent. The tenant has 3 days to pay rent or vacate. 1. Causing Nuisance. Tenant must vacate in three days 2. Failure to vacate after expiration of the lease. (no notice required) 3. Failure to vacate after 20 days notice to terminate a month to month tenancy. 4. Breach of lease provisions and failure to comply or vatate after a ten day notice. 5. Failure of a trespasser to vacate after service of a three day notice 6. Permitting gang related activity on the premises. 3 days notice to vacate. RCW 59.12.030 


A three day notice to pay must be serve on tenant for failure to pay Rent 59.18.030

The amount owed must be stated an offer a goodtimate of the amount owed.

Include only rent, not items like security deposits.  

The tenant must be given three days to pay or vacate.   This can include weekend and holidays. See Christensen v. Ellsworth

3 Day Nuisance Notice 

(Nuisance, Waste or unlawful business)

Nuisance requites a substantial interference with another person's use of the property,  a physical discomfor which is of some duration.

A single incident of drug  related activity, an assault which leads to arrest, or unlawful use of firearm.  

"Waste" requires substantial damage to premises.

RCW 59.12.030(5).  Tarr v. Hopewell Community Club