After the commissioner has signed an Eviction Order, the clerk’s office would issue the Writ of Restitution.  The Writ of Restitution is what the Sheriff’s office needs to conduct the eviction.  The County sheriff’s office are the only ones authorized by court order to perform the eviction.

   The sheriff goes out twice.  The first time, they post the Writ on the door, giving the tenant one last chance to vacate voluntarily.  They give the tenants three (3) days to move voluntarily.  If the tenants have not vacated on their own, the landlord would call the sheriff's office and speak to the detective assigned to the case.   You would schedule a time to meet the detective on the property, and the physical eviction would be done at that time.   You will need to provide the labor and materials to change the locks and secure the building, and move out items.  If the tenants fill out a storage of property request, their property must be stored.

  The starting rates listed here are increased based on mileage (minimum)

King County:  $120.00

     Snohomish:  $210.00  

 Pierce:  $100.00