The Eviction Process is in Five steps.  There is an attorney flat fee and cost/expense for each step.  The Attorney Fees are fixed.  The Costs vary slightly depending on your individual case.  Not every case has to go through all 5 steps and you do not pay all attorney fees and costs at once.  Instead, you pay the amount required for each step, in advance of that step. 
NOTE:  Client shall pay for any copy costs and clerk’s transaction fees. SES pays for background checks, printing, Parking, Travel, and law office credit card fees.


The Eviction process begins with service of an eviction Notice.

Eviction Notices: Preparation and Service of Notices, Non-Payment of Rent, acate, Non-Compliance, Notice to Enter,  Abandonment, Rent Increase, Store/Sell Property.

FEE:        Attorney Drafting of Notice                     $ 350.00
COST:     Process Server (Varies by location)       $ 75.00
                Postage/Mailing Certified/Regular          $15.00
                Sub-total Cost:                                         $ 90.00
 Demand Letter Promissory Note:  Commits the tenant to pay amounts owed

FEE:        Attorney Drafting of Letter                      $ 240.00
COST:     Postage/Mailing Certified/Regular          $15.00


If tenants break an agreement, we may be awarded an immediate eviction. (

Negotiated Settlement:  Mediation may be mandatory per the Eviction Resolution Program.  If the tenants have no attorney, we would negotiate with them directly.  Oftentimes tenants will obtain fee legal assistance through the Housing Justice Project. 

FEE:                Attorney’s Negotiation/Mediation                                         $ 240.00

Stipulated Agreement:  An agreement can take the form of a specified vacate date, and/or a payment plan.  If tenants break the agreement, we may request an automatic eviction order.

FEE:                Attorney Drafting Agreement/Negotiation                            $ 360.00
COST:             Ex Parte Clerk Submission                                                     $   35.00
           Copies                 $     5.00
                        Sub-total Cost:                                                                        $   40.00


  Required only if Tenant responds to Lawsuit

Hearing to Continue / Stay Writ:  After entry of a default order, tenants can still motion the court to stay enforcement of the writ, pending show cause hearing.

FEE:       Attorney Court Appearance                  $ 240.00
COST:    Working Copies Submission                $ 25.00
               Postage/Mailing Certified/Regular:      $ 15.00
               Copies:                                                   $    5.00

Hearing to Quash Writ:   The court may grant tenant’s a hearing to decide whether the Writ should be Quashed of Lifted.  Attorney represents client at this court hearing. 

FEE:       Attorney Court Appearance                  $ 360.00
COST:    Working Copies Submission                $ 25.00
               Postage/Mailing Certified/Regular:      $ 15.00
               Copies:                                                   $    5.00

Show Cause Hearing:  Attorney represents client at court hearing.  If tenant does not appear, client wins by default.  Case Prep, Drafting Judgement, Order for Writ of Restitution, client consult file orders with clerk, schedule eviction with Sheriff’s.  Fee is earned regardless of outcome, whether resolved by agreement, or tenant fails to appear, or court dismisses the case.

FEE:       Attorney Court Appearance                  $ 480.00
COST:    Working Copies Submission                $ 25.00
               Postage/Mailing Certified/Regular:      $ 15.00
               Copies:                                                   $    5.00


The County Sheriff’s posts the writ of restitution and then executes the eviction.

Sheriff’s Eviction:  County Sheriff’s rates varies by county, mileage and occupants,

FEE:     Attorney Eviction Scheduling                $ 120.00                     
COST:   King: $175  Pierce: $225  Snohomish: $ 275.00
             Sheriff's Bond (Non-Residential)          $ 100.00
TOTAL:                                                                  $ 395.00    

Amending /Satisfaction of Judgment:  The court awards a judgment, plus daily rent for each day until date of vacate.  If Client seeks to convert the daily rent to a Sum Certain amount, we can motion the court to amend the judgment.  If the tenant pays off the Judgment owed, we may draft, notarize and file a satisfaction of Judgment. 

FEE:       Attorney Drafting Motion/Order              $ 240.00
COST:    Ex Parte Clerk Submission                      $ 35.00
TOTAL:                                                                      $ 275.00


If the tenants do not comply with the eviction notice, we can proceed to lawsuit 

Lawsuit:  The lawsuit starts with service of the Summons and Complaint on Tenants, by a neutral third party.  Tenants will have a minimum 7 days to respond to the lawsuit

FEE:       Attorney Drafting of Lawsuit             $ 350.00 
COST:    Process Server Cost                           $   75.00
               Postage/Mailing Certified/Regular     $ 15.00
              Sub-total Cost:                                     $   90.00

Consult/Negotiation:  Legal advice regarding any aspect of client’s case.

FEE:       Over 30 Minutes  $ 125.00   Over  Hour   $ 


Type of filing and order depends on if and when tenants respond to the lawsuit

Order to Show Cause / Alternative Service:  If the tenant answers the lawsuit, we must schedule a show cause hearing, on 10 days’ notice.  If the tenant is evading service, and personal service cannot be achieved, we may also need to get an order allowing service by posting and mail.  Drafting of Order Show Cause, Motion and Declaration, Calendar Note, attorney ex parte submission, case filing, service/mailing.

FEE:        Attorney Drafting Motion/Orders            $ 240.00
COST:     Unlawful Detainer Filing Fee                    $ 95.00
               Show Cause Hearing Fee:                         $ 115.00  
               Ex Parte Clerk Submission                       $  35.00
               Expedited Fee (Optional)                           $ 35.00
               Sub-total                                                     $ 285.00

Order to Continue / of Dismissal:  Courts may continue cases for a variety of reasons.  Cases may be dismissed if tenant vacates, per terms of an agreement, or if the matter gets resolved.

FEE:        Attorney Drafting Motion/Orders            $ 240.00
COST:     Ex Parte Clerk Submission                      $ 35.00               

Order to Reissue or Extend Writ of Restitution:  The writ expires in 30 Days after issuance.  If necessary, we can extend the writ for additional time or motion the court to reissue a new writ. 

FEE:        Attorney Drafting Motion/Order              $ 360.00
COST:     Ex Parte Clerk Submission                      $   35.00
               Expediated Fee (Optional)                           $ 35.00
               Writ of Restitution                                     $   25.00
               Sub-total:                                                   $  60.00
 Order to Lift Stay:  After a tenant stays the writ, we may be able to motion the court for an order to lift the stay and enforce the eviction.
FEE:       Attorney Drafting Motion/Orders                $ 360.00
COST:    Ex Parte Clerk Submission                         $ 35.00
               Expediated Fee (Optional)                           $ 35.00
               Writ of Restitution                                        $ 25.00
               Sub-total:                                                      $ 180.00         
 Order of Default (Broken Agreement):  If the tenant breaks a stipulated agreement, we would motion court for an order of default and an immediate eviction.  Drafting Judgement, Order for Writ of Restitution, Order of Default, Motion/Declarations, Military Status Affidavit, case filing, ex parte submission , scheduling with Sheriff.
FEE:        Attorney Drafting Motion/Orders             $480.00
COST:     Unlawful Detainer Filing Fee                    $ 90.00
                Ex Parte Clerk Submission                      $ 35.00 
                Expedited Fee (Optional)                          $ 30.00
                 Writ of Restitution                                    $ 25.00
                Sub-total:                                                    $ 180.00

Order of Default (If No Response):  If Tenant does NOT answer the lawsuit, they are in default, which allows us to evict immediately without a hearing.  Drafting Judgement, Order for Writ of Restitution, Order of Default, Motion/Declarations, Military Status Affidavit, case filing, ex parte submission, scheduling with Sheriff.

FEE:       Attorney Drafting Motion/Orders              $ 480.00
COST:    UD Filing Fee (Non-Residential $240):     $ 90.00    
               Ex Parte Clerk Submission                       $ 35.00       
               Expediated Fee (Optional)                         $ 30.00
               Writ of Restitution                                      $ 25.00
               Sub-total:                                                    $180.00             
 TOTAL:                                                                      $605.00